God's Gift of Another Angel

Peter Maheux HeadshotPeter and Jay had a wonderful life. The vibrant, happy couple had chosen to make their home in the Canadian Laurentians where they enjoyed an active outdoor lifestyle with family and friends. Jay was everything to Peter: she was the love of his life, his trusted business partner and best friend. Together, they built a beautiful home and a thriving coaching business. Then, one day, they received devastating news: Peter’s dynamic, upbeat Jay had cancer. In the blink of an eye, his world fell apart. Within eighteen months, he had lost his beautiful wife, his happy life and his reason to carry on. Or so he thought…

GOD’S GIFT OF ANOTHER ANGEL is the true story of Peter’s amazing journey from the depths of dark despair to the bright, shining light of God’s love. As he shares his raw and honest moments, we feel the pain and sorrow of Peter’s terrible loss. As he tells us of his dreams and reveals his extraordinary visions, we come to know the promise of happiness and rejoice with Peter as he once again feels a glimmer of hope. As he takes us, step by halting step, through the stages of slow recovery, we meet the people who guide Peter along his path. We hear their words of comfort; we feel the wonder of Jay’s loving presence; and we come to know those first moments of possibility, when Peter meets someone whose journey so closely mirrors his own.

Peter has written this book as a testament that there truly is life after death. His goal is to inspire you to open your mind and your heart to the possibility that you can live and love again. Inspired by Jay, Peter has held nothing back. He has poured out his heart and bared his soul to let everyone know that Love never dies.

Today, blessed by God’s miracle gift of another angel, Peter has found love, happiness and renewed purpose with his new partner, Sue. Together, they are helping others find their balance, regain their confidence and change their lives.

Peter Francis Maheux is an accomplished Business Coach and Author. His passion lies in helping others achieve success. As a consultant, he is much in demand with business owners in need of his Business Reset and Executive Reset coaching programs. You can order his popular how-to collection and book a consultation with Peter directly from his website, www.BusinessReset.com

God's Gift of Another Angel

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Blair Robertson, Psychic Medium (Visit Blair)
“I highly recommend Peter’s book as it shows that love never dies and that we can and often do have multiple soulmates throughout life. Our loved ones want us to move forward, and to this end the book demonstrates it. I found the book to be inspirational, uplifting and motivating.”