Love Found Me Twice

IMG_3667b_smSue and Luc were meant for each other. They had fallen in love at first sight, married young and raised two handsome, talented sons. They were blessed with a large family, great friends and busy, happy lives. After Luc’s close encounter with Melanoma Skin Cancer early in their marriage, Sue became tireless in her search for healthy food choices. They were active. They were careful. They did everything possible to ensure that theirs would be a long and happy life together. Tragically, in spite of their best efforts, the Melanoma returned thirty-one years later. Luc fought bravely and Sue was with him every step of the way. At his bedside, as she nursed him through his final days, Sue vowed that she would write a book and tell their story. Luc vowed that he would find a way to send her a sign from the other side; to let her know he was okay; to show her that Love Never Dies.

In her darkest hours, Sue had always prayed. In the depths of her despair, when Luc had left her, she wondered how she would ever cope with the loss of her love of thirty-four years. And then, a miracle happened: Love found her twice. Six months after Luc’s passing, at a Grief Counselling Session, Sue met Peter. She was amazed by the similarities in their stories: when Peter told the group that he had lost his beloved spouse to cancer; and when he shared that, like Sue, he was a small business owner. She had understood completely when Peter said he’d lost all energy for the work that he and his wife had once done. Though they were strangers, Sue felt an immediate connection. In the months that followed, as Sue went on to discover the many things they shared, she realized that she was falling in love with this man. Struggling to put her life back together and deal with the peer pressure and survivors’ guilt, Sue learned to adjust to her life and her new partner, Peter.

LOVE FOUND ME TWICE is the inspirational story of Sue’s emotional journey from tragedy to triumph. It is a book about a life in progress; about believing in the hereafter; about the kind of love that lasts forever. Sue shares her faith and inspires us with her trust that the universe has a bigger plan for us if only we will be brave enough and trusting enough to believe in love and take the next step.

Sue Lebrun has lived her life in service to others. Her work in the commercial and corporate sectors, in politics, human resources and in palliative care led her to her current path. Today she is a successful CEO in the health and wellness field. Sue is passionate in her purpose and committed to the goal she shares with Peter. One day at a time, one person at a time, they are Changing Lives.


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Blair Robertson, Psychic Medium (Visit Blair)
“Love Found Me Twice is a genuine and heartfelt story that proves love never dies and that we can have multiple soul mates. This book is valuable to anyone who has lost a love and feels stuck. I found it very inspiring because Sue ‘gets it.’ I highly recommend it.”